Build Your Own Guitar Rig

Build Your Own Guitar Rig

Build your own guitar rig and rock out like a pro.

Select an electric guitar, amplifier, pedals, pedal board and accessories to build your own guitar rig. Building your own guitar rig is the easiest way to get up and running quickly with great tone. This rig supplies everything you'll need to start rocking out right away.

Item Number : DEMO-700
Item Stock : In Stock

Guitar Selection

Electric Guitar*

Guitar Amplifier Selection

Guitar Amplifier*

Guitar Pedal Selection

Guitar Pedals
Wah Pedal (CAD 80.00)
Delay Pedal (CAD 65.00)
Fuzz Distortion Pedal (CAD 72.00)
Tube Distortion Pedal (CAD 88.00)
Noise Reduction Pedal (CAD 112.00)
Chromatic Tuner Pedal (CAD 50.00)

Guitar Pedal Board Selection

Guitar Pedal Board*
Not Needed
Powered Pedal Board (CAD 280.00)
Unpowered Pedal Board (CAD 200.00)

Build Instructions

Custom Printed Cups
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